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Welcome to Kratom Dose, this is the site that helps with your general interest Kratom reading in an easy-going fun way, aiming to guide you through different types of Kratom and how the effects can vary from stain to strain depending upon your kratom dose.

To help with understanding of this complex subject, allow us to introduce Boris the Orang-utan. Although Boris isn’t human – he has had a lot of experience, particularly with Kratom, in different situations and will share his findings of his kratom experiences and dosage.

Boris weighs approximately 75-80kg (about 12 stone). So do all of his friends!
He’s quite cosmopolitan, having travelled around much of Indonesia and Malaysia. Nowadays, he is more settled and has made the Malaysian jungle his home.

Follow Boris and Learn from his experience with his Kratom Dose


Disclaimer: The site content is fictional. It is provided only for entertainment and general interest reading and as such is not suggesting, recommending or advocating human consumption of any products described. No responsibility for actions by readers of these texts will be accepted by the site creator and owner. First consulting a doctor or other health professional regarding any health and medication issues is always recommended. Please read Streetwise Boris – Avoiding Risk first.


Right, on to the good stuff!

Using this site is very simple. On the top menu are some links, which will take you to different parts of Boris’ life and kratom benefits:

Boris at school: Basic information about Kratom.
Streetwise Boris – Avoiding Risk Boris says, “Please read this before you continue!”

Boris found Kratom works as a Soother and Pick-me-up
Boris also found kratom to be helpful against:
Some types of Anxiety
Mild, Short-term Depression
Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME)