What Makes a High Quality Kratom?

Many vendors purchase kratom from farmers that aren’t trained to properly identify and prepare kratom. At worst this means you can receive a mixture of kratom and other plant material that could be harmful to consume. At best this means the kratom contains less alkaloids, meaning a higher quantity of bitter powder must be consumed.

When inexperienced farmers harvest kratom, they use the low potency parts of the kratom plant, like the stem and vein as well as the high potency leaf. Then, the kratom is dried in the sun, which further reduces the overall potency.

High quality kratom is produced only from the kratom leaf and is carefully dried under controlled humidity in drying shelters. Dried leaves are then micronized to a fine flour blend, making it easier to swallow. The result of this is a kratom powder between 5 and 6 times stronger than the average kratom on the market.

While high quality kratom powder is often higher priced, the increased potency means customers save much more money by buying high quality powder.

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Which Kratom Vendors are Trustworthy?

Below are some of the vendors that we have personally used and verified as producers of high quality kratom.
Organic Kratom USA: A trusted supplier with experience growing and preparing kratom since 2001. Their kratom plantations are located deep in virgin jungles, where the soil is teeming with nutrients.

The plantations are expertly placed not too close and not too far from rivers. This means that there is no risk of plants becoming water logged during the flood season, which can destroy kratom alkaloids, but plants still receive adequate water.

Organic Kratom offer a range of kratom products: Green, red, white and Maeng Da kratom is available in powder and capsules. Buy Organic Kratom.

What to Avoid When Buying Kratom?

Avoid strains labeled with colors that aren’t red, green or white. Vendors who claim to have other colors are often just misidentifying kratom, or have a plant transitioning from one color to another.

As well as not knowing exactly what you’re getting, there is a risk you aren’t getting kratom at all.
Avoid cheap kratom from unverified vendors.

It might seem like you’ll save money, but the reduced potency of the products means you’ll pay more in the long run.

What is White Sunda Kratom?

White Sunda kratom is the most effective energizing kratom strain around. It is perfect for a morning boost, to motivate and increase productivity.
White Sunda is popular with people looking for a kick without using coffee, which is notorious for inflaming the stomach lining.

Sufferers of IBS, GERD and other gastrointestinal issues love white Sunda, which not only boosts energy but also has a soothing effect on the stomach.

What is Red Bali Kratom?

Red Bali kratom, also known as Red Borneo kratom, is a perhaps the common kratom on the market. This is due to the plants natural growth in abundance in Borneo.

This strain of kratom has great pain relieving properties, without the drowsiness that some of the stronger reds can cause. This means that red Bali is a popular choice as a daytime kratom for those that are experiencing a high level of pain.

Red Bali is also great for calming and uplifting mood, making it popular with those suffering from anxiety.

What is Green Malay Kratom?

Green vein kratom exists between white and red on the energetic to relaxing scale. Green Malay is the best all-rounder strain available – not too energizing, not too sedating, with mild pain relieving properties.

If your condition isn’t too extreme and you’d like to experience a subtler kratom experience, this strain is perfect for you.

Green Malay is especially popular with those suffering from anxiety, who often find white veins too energizing, but still want a daytime kratom to help their productivity.

What is Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da kratom is made from kratom plants with horned leaves. It is unique amongst kratom strains in that it is a blend of red, white and green horned kratom.
Horned kratom has a slightly different alkaloid profile to normal kratom and the mixture of all 3 colors makes it both very balanced and very potent.

Maeng Da has the most powerful pain relief effects of all and it can even be used during the day. This makes it extremely popular with people suffering from seriously debilitating conditions.

Maeng Da is so effective that it has helped people who were previously permanently bed bound to start to move around and become productive once again.
Maeng Da is also popular with opiate addicts who are trying to wean themselves off of opiates.

The high level of alkaloids are effective for soothing the withdrawal effects of opiates.

What is Red Thai Kratom?

Red Thai kratom is a favorite strain for those seeking to destress, relax or encourage sleep. It is too sedating to be used as a daytime kratom, but it has an unparalleled effect on your sense of comfort and mood. Red Thai kratom can often produce euphoric effects.

Red Thai kratom is popular with people who suffer from conditions that keep them up at night. Insomnia, restless leg syndrome, or any pain generating affliction is very effectively treated with a small amount of red Thai kratom before bed.

It is also popular with those that drink heavily in the evenings in order to unwind. Customers that buy red Thai find their desire to drink completes fades away with just a small dose of red Thai and they are able to relax like they never could with alcohol.

What is Stem and Vein Kratom?

Stem and vein kratom is powdered from the less potent stem and vein of the plant. The kratom leaf contains the highest concentration of alkaloids, but many inexperienced farmers will include other parts of the plant, lowering the overall potency of the kratom powder.

Honest vendors will sell powdered leaf and powdered stem and vein separately. Many kratom users believe stem and vein kratom helps them maintain a low body tolerance to kratom. Although the effect of stem and vein on body tolerance has never been measured, there is mounting anecdotal evidence of this effect.

Many customers like stem and vein kratom for its low cost, which means it can be combined with more potent powders to make them go further. Adding stem and vein to your kratom powder gives it more pain killing properties and a slightly ‘fuzzier’ sensation.

What is White Indo Maeng Da?

White Indonesian Maeng Da is another horned kratom strain, this time powdered exclusively from white horned kratom leaves. Horned leaf kratom has a much more concentrated alkaloid profile than regular kratom and white Indo takes the effects of white vein kratom to the next level.

White veins are energizing, making them great for daytime use. White Indo Maeng Da offers unmatched levels of focus and motivation. It is also long lasting, so a small dose can be taken in the morning to provide energy for the entire day.

White Indo Maeng Da is very popular with those suffering from debilitating conditions, which normally would make movement very difficult. Even chronic conditions like fibromyalgia and Crohn’s disease have shown reduced symptoms when Maeng Da kratom is used.

What is Red Vietnam Kratom?

Red Vietnam kratom is a red vein grown in nutrient rich soil in Vietnam. The unique conditions means that the alkaloid concentration is much higher than usual, rivaling the levels found in Maeng Da strains. It is sometimes called “Bumblebee kratom”.

Red Vietnam kratom is an extremely effective pain reliever and is known to have strong euphoric effects. This makes it popular as an evening kratom, to relieve stress or encourage sleep.

It is also popular with people suffering from depression; the strong mood altering properties of red Vietnam kratom helps lift the malaise of depression and encourages enthusiasm and motivation once again.

What is Green Cambodian Kratom?

Green Cambodian kratom is one of the newest strains on the market, coming from recently discovered naturally growing kratom trees in Cambodia. The ideal conditions for growth mean Cambodian kratom is unusually potent for a green vein.

Green Cambodian kratom is both powerful and balanced, offering moderate pain relief and relaxation, while at the same time boosting energy and focus.

It is often used in the morning, but can also be used in the afternoon for a second wind of energy, without the risk of disruption to sleep that coffee or some of the more energetic strains might cause.